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We are excited that you are looking to Great Lakes® Hybrids as a potential partner. We already offer the best-performing products, state-of-the-art technology, dependable supply and unmatched customer service.

In the competitive seed industry, partnerships are critically important. That’s why in 2000, GLH formed a relationship with AgReliant Genetics LLC, a company that shares our passion for developing hybrids that perform season after season.

GLH is owned and operated by seedsmen. Seed is our only focus. We have more than 150 breeding stations and gene technology labs around the world. And our revolutionary doubled-haploid breeding technology brings new hybrids to the fields two to three years faster than any competitor today.

For 95 years, we have been giving our customers top-performing products and top-notch service. It is also important that we control our own seed production, from inbred analysis through final bagging and shipping. You can be certain you will receive the highest quality seed from Great Lakes® Hybrids.

And finally, from the sales person who meets with you, to the agronomist who walks your fields with you, they all come from the same roots and values.

Better seed – it’s the best way we know to build a better bottom line. #PlantSmartYieldMore

Doug Little
General Manager

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