Who We Are

As a corn, soybean and alfalfa seed-only company, we strive to bring only the best products to our MidWestern customers through our world-class research and breeding program. We're a division of AgReliant Genetics, LLC, the third largest independent seed company in North America. 

We’ve been here for generations. For more than 95 years, our expert seedsmen have lived and worked right where you are, so they know the environments where our genetics thrive best. 

Together, we’ll tailor a plan for your exact operation’s needs to maximize your next generation of performance.

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Our Mission

For more than 95 years, we’ve prided ourselves on being Generations Ahead in research, technology and performance.

Although seed is what we do, our focus is on you. Help us understand your farm, so that we can help you maximize your bushels per acre. That is what partnership is all about. Let’s go field-by-field to discuss how we can help you reach your goals.