Become a Great Lakes Hybrids Dealer

Great Lakes Hybrids (GLH) has a long generation of seed dealers who value quality, high performing championship seed. Generations of product and service are now coupled with leading technologies to support the growing demand for high yielding, bottom line profit. To get these products to local farmers, Great Lakes Hybrids works through a select group of farmer and agri-business dealerships.

A Great Lakes Hybrids dealer is an agribusiness professional with multiple years of industry experience, modern transportation and storage facilities, and a tremendous desire to actively promote GLH seed products. As a GLH Dealer, you’ll have the opportunity to be part of a strong winning team with leading germplasm and high demand traits that will put you Generations Ahead in your pursuit for growth and profit.

Benefits to becoming a dealer for Great Lakes Hybrids

  • Represent and use champion, high performance and high-yielding hybrids on your farm.
  • Opportunity to create additional income on your own schedule.
  • Opportunity to save on personal seed costs.
  • Competitive dealership programs for units sold.
  • Participate in the industry leading dealer reward program.
  • Earn Signature® Rewards points for GLH incentive travel and other great items.
  • GLH Travel incentives for you and your customers.
  • Costa Rica Winter Getaway in 2017.
  • Opportunity to work closely with a professional district manager knowledgeable in the ever-changing agricultural field.
  • Direct access to a professional agronomic services department.
  • Have the agronomic support from DSM and regional sales agronomists.
  • Regular agronomy updates especially written for Great Lakes Hybrids dealers.
  • Sales training and sales success website blogs
  • G-Live Dealer On-line ordering and invoicing system
  • Regular correspondence from the district sales manager and corporate office updating sales and agricultural issues.
  • Opportunity to be the “first” to look at new material released from research.
  • Access to leading traits.
  • Opportunity to handle a full line of quality, leading technology seed products – Corn, Soybeans, Alfalfa
  • Be a part of the third-largest seed company in the U.S. and the only one focused totally only on seed (AgReliant Genetics, LLC).
  • Backing from the largest independent corn research program in the world.
  • Championship performing genetics – backed up by independent testing and National Corn Yield Contest wins.
  • Be a part of a seed-only company that is devoted to delivering products that perform on your farm.

Join us today!

If you own an agribusiness with good warehousing and delivery capabilities, a strong desire to promote Great Lakes Hybrids seed products to farmers in your area, and would be interested in a rewarding career as a Dealer with Great Lakes Hybrids, we would love to hear from you. Please send your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address to, so one of our District Sales Managers can contact you as soon as possible.