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UNL CropWatch June-21

Jun 25, 2018, 09:08 AM by Clint Hawks

Corn & Soybean Production



Western bean cutworm moth

Using Degree-Day Models to Predict Western Bean Cutworm Flights


By using a degree-day model, growers can account for the effect of temperature on insect development and estimate insect stages. See dates of predicted cutworm flights for 14 Nebraska locations.



Flooded crop field

Flooding and Ponding in Corn


Ponding or flooding affects corn differently at different stages, depending on duration of flooding and other factors. Growers may want to assess the potential for nitrogen loss and increase scouting for corn disease in these fields.



Saturated soybean field

Flooding and Ponding in Soybeans

Soybean plants are generally able to withstand a fair amount of flooding in the short term; however, diseases favored by wet conditions may become a problem for the rest of the season.



Mid-Season Hail Damage Assessments in Corn and Soybeans


When severe storms and hail hit your corn and soybean fields, it's important to estimate yield losses to determine the need for future inputs and alternative management strategies.



Cornhusker Economics: Thinking About the Corn Market


In the last 20 years Brazil has emerged as a major player in the world's corn market and is now the second largest exporter and third largest producer, challenging US dominance. This week's Cornhusker Economics takes a closer look.



Wheat Management



Take-all disease in wheat

Wheat Disease Update for Central to Western Nebraska


Wheat diseases were found at varying levels across a wide area of fields surveyed this week in western Nebraska in conjunction with the 2018 Wheat Tours.



Bacterial leaf streak in wheat

Bacterial Leaf Streak More Prevalent in Winter Wheat in 2018


Symptoms of bacterial leaf streak are increasing on flag leaves of winter wheat in east central Nebraska.



Farm Management



Nebraska map showing average land values by district

2018 Nebraska Farm Real Estate Report


Final results from the Nebraska Farm Real Estate Survey show a fourth consecutive year of declining Nebraska agricultural land values. The statewide average value dropped 4% to $2,270 per acre.



Silhouette of two people negotiating

Gold Star Negotiations: The Power of Reciprocity


Reciprocity can be a powerful persuasive tool in negotiations, but it also can be misused and lead to emotional rather than well thought-out deals. Learn how to recognize when reciprocity is a factor in your negotiations.



Alfalfa & Forage Production



Managing Windrow Disease in Alfalfa


Due to recent rains, growers may be seeing an increase in "windrow disease,” typified by a striped appearance in fields where alfalfa windrows remained so long that regrowth is delayed.

Planting Forages after Wheat Harvest


After wheat harvest, don't let your ground stand idle, especially if you could use more forage. When moisture is available, there are a number of forage options to consider following wheat.

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