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UNL CropWatch - July 1

Jul 2, 2018, 08:57 AM by Clint Hawks

Corn and Soybean Production



Scout Corn and Soybean for Japanese Beetles


Japanese beetles are emerging in eastern Nebraska and will continue to emerge for the next couple of weeks. As numbers will be highest in field margins, growers are advised to scout across the whole field before determining the need for treatment.



Western corn rootworm beetles in corn

Western Corn Rootworm Beetles Emerging, Time to Scout


Corn rootworm beetles are expected to begin emerging soon in southeast and south central Nebraska and scouting is recommended. An average of 5-10 beetles per ear usually can seriously affect pollination.



Corn leaf with Goss's bacterial wilt and blight and northern corn leaf blight

Differentiating Corn Leaf Diseases


Symptoms of various corn leaf diseases can look very similar in the early stages. Here's how to differentiate one from another of those recently reported in the state.




Flooded crop fields in Dodge County

Information and Resources for Flooded Fields


Following heavy rains in northeast Nebraska this week and the resulting flooding, many growers are facing some tough decisions. This article offers information and resources to aid in assessment and decision-making.



Locations for corn yield forecasts

2018 Corn Yield Forecasts: Approach and Interpretation of Results

Here's how the Yield Forecasting Center will be developing corn yield forecasts for 41 locations across the Corn Belt during the 2018 crop season.



Fields at sunset

115 Years of Data Reveal Longer Growing Season, Changing Temperature Trends


The past century of climate change has extended the average U.S. growing season by nearly two weeks but driven annual buildups of yield-stifling heat in the West and Northeast, says new research from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.



Cattle feedlot near a center pivot irrigating corn

Can I Irrigate Animal Manures On Growing Crops?


Recent heavy rains have many feedlot holding ponds full and operators looking for irrigation options to apply animal manure during the growing season. Here are some considerations for applying diluted animal manures without damaging the crop.



Weed Management



Heavy population of Palmer amaranth in corn

Glyphosate-Resistant Palmer Amaranth Field Day July 11

Is glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth a growing challenge? View field demonstrations and hear from experts at the Glyphosate-Resistant Palmer Amaranth Management Field Day Wednesday, July 11 at Carleton.



Suspected dicamba injury of soybean

Dicamba Off-Target Injury Reports in Nebraska


Suspected off-target dicamba injury has been reported in several Nebraska counties.







Nebraska map showing precipitation levels by site

Why Do Precipitation Maps for the Same Date and Area Differ?


Why do precipitation maps for the same storms sometimes appear to report different rainfall amounts? How can you determine which one to use when?



Farm Management



Excel Pro Tip: How Names Save Time


Naming cells in Excel can make it easier and faster to locate just the cells you want for calculations. Amid a complex array of worksheets, naming can help you more quickly access and use the data you need.

Farm Finance and Ag Law Clinics in July

Openings are available for one-on-one, confidential farm finance and ag law consultations.



Alfalfa Production



Alfalfa Harvests in High Heat


When the temperature is consistently above 90°F, many guidelines for alfalfa harvest no longer apply. Rather than using the bloom as a guide, give plants extra time between hot summer harvests to maintain healthy stands.



Crop Reports & Market Journal



Greensnap in corn in Dodge County

Extension Crop Reports June 26-29, 2018

Crop reports, photos and video from Nebraska Extension educators and guest farm broadcaster Bryce Doeschot. Crop flooding, suspected dicamba injury, greensnap and "What makes it a 100-year storm event?"

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