Travel With Great Lakes Hybrids

Great Lakes incentive travel is setting up for another great year. In the past 35 years, we have taken more than 20,000 farmers on exotic journeys around the globe. Our travelers have enjoyed many trips knowing the details have been taken care of by an experienced company with farmers in mind. Quality and value describe each and every farmer travel program we have put together.

Looking ahead to 2015 trips – Punta Cana and Alaska!

As a preview for next year’s trips, check these links and the videos below for info on Punta Cana (NOW Larimar Resort) in the Dominican Republic and the Alaskan Cruise on Norwegian Cruise Lines.


Punta Cana will be Jan 31 to Feb 5, 2015 for the base, extension to Feb 7

Alaska Cruise will be August 3-10, 2015. Extension options until Aug 13 or 14.

We look forward to helping you with your travel; you can look forward to a vacation of a lifetime. Email Julie Barlage with any questions or if you need additional information or call the Travel Desk at 800-257-7333 and ask for Julie.